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Fascinating Anecdotes

26 July
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My memory is horrible. I'm simply unable to recall most events more than a week old (perhaps an exaggeration), and this seems a novel way to look back and just how uneventful the life of one guy can be. I do worry that this process of publicizing my daily doings hints at an underlying streak of narcissism...
If you’re interested in a five minute autobiography full of omissions and blatant lies (Boy do I wish it were that interesting), than by all means... read on!

I’m a full time college student whose social life exists solely online. I’ve got plenty of classmates and coworkers, but those relationships are always fleeting and shallow. Not the sort of people to have your back in a pinch, or to end up sharing a holding cell with you. With the jobs I hold to pay for my education I don’t really have the time or energy to do much else. At least, that’s what I tell myself to get to sleep at night.

Right now I’m working at a veterinary clinic as a technician and surgery assistant. It’s basically retail with animals and anesthesia thrown in. Once I finish my BS in biology I’ll start applying to veterinary schools... and hopefully enrolling at Texas A&M. Go Aggies! My Longhorn friend finds this appalling. I already have minors in psychology and forensics, so doubtless I’ll be changing my major again before long. I fill in my extra hours with a landscaping job at the satellite campus of my college. It’s a wonderful job in a beautiful location. The G.S.O. Bay campus is small enough to require only a few student landscapers (right now we’ve got two), and possesses a myriad of fruit trees, some really cool oceanography equipment, and a great little secluded beach.


I also do online proof reading, so bring on your term papers, websites, and passionate love notes brimming with feverish lust!

I’m the oldest of four children, and still living at home while I continue my education. Home improvements pay my rent, along with a minimal financial donation to the household. My family, while chaotic, is very close and laid back so I find this to be an ideal arrangement. Hopefully I’ll be moved out by the time I’m 35. I just put in a library this past month that I’m very proud of. It’s all finished cherry shelving with some great furnishings I found for a bargain at some consignment shops. The end result is a lot better than what I had originally expected.

I’ve lived in the same town my whole life... a rural suburbia that is slowly being taken over by corporate conglomerations. A Starbucks has gone up on Main Street... the end is near. I love to travel, though I do it rarely. Once a year I like to hike into the White Mountains of New Hampshire for a week of backpacking and camping. I’ve gone with family, friends, and by myself. I prefer the last to be honest. It really lets me unwind. No one complains about the commute in or out, the lack of hot water fixtures or plumbing in general, or the complete absence of a modem. (The last group of friends I took up there were even bigger computer nerds than me. Exposing them to clean air and natural light seemed a good idea at the time. Actually that trip was a lot of fun, though the Forest Rangers wouldn’t have approved of the flaming juggling clubs one of these guys brought along. Their fire laws are strict enough without involving dexterous acts of arson. I’d really like to do some traveling outside of the states, once time and money permit. I’ve been in Canadian waters while working on a research vessel in the Bay of Fundy... so at least I’ve been out of the country, sort of.

I’m not sure what else there is to say about myself. In retrospect I’m a fairly dull person, at least until you get to know me... then I’m probably very dull. :) I’m a complete bibliophile, and I’ll often read several books at once. Nothing pretentious like Gravity’s Rainbow or anything like that... I just enjoy a good story and interesting facts.

I'm a lover of animals, but totally in the good way. Every dog to enter the clinic gets the affectionate title of "puppy" from me, despite their geriatric appearance. The cats are even more irrestible. Unfortunately I always screw up the gender guess, which results in the obligatory correction from the owners. "Butch is a SHE." Oh.
Right now I've got three Oscar fish, four Plecos, and twelve Tiger Barbs, along with six land hermit crabs and a plethora of botanical life. I love plants, especially bonsai trees. I also recently adopted an particularly aggressive british tabby cat from one of our clients. She's absolutely adorable, and the sweetest thing. Please don't let her disgruntled visage in the following photo fool you. She's a complete dear.
Annie and packing peanuts!